TUMORI a Journal of Clinical and Experimental Oncology
Volume 95 - Number 2 March-April 2009



  • Andrea Micheli, Francesca Di Salvo, Claudio Lombardo, Roberta Ciampichini, Donatella Ugolini, Paolo Baili, and Marco A Pierotti
    Italian performance in cancer research
    Tumori 2009; 95: 133-141


  • Cristina Bosetti, Cosetta Bianchi, Eva Negri, and Carlo La Vecchia
    Estimates of the incidence and prevalence of renal cell carcinoma in Italy in 2002 and projections for the years 2007 and 2012
    Tumori 2009; 95: 142-145
  • Alessandro Ricciardi, Nathalie Largeron, Paolo Giorgi Rossi, Mimma Raffaele, Catherine Cohet, Antonio Federici, and Fabio Palazzo
    Incidence of invasive cervical cancer and direct costs associated with its management in Italy
    Tumori 2009; 95: 146-152


  • Claudio Amanti, Augusto Lombardi, Stefano Maggi, Alessandra Moscaroli, Marzia Lo Russo, Riccardo Maglio, Giuseppe Provenza, Camilla Romano, Massimo Pezzatini, Francesco Scopinaro, and Domenica Di Stefano
    Is complete axillary dissection necessary for all patients with positive findings on sentinel lymph node biopsy? Validation of a breast cancer nomogram for predicting the likelihood of a non sentinel lymph node
    Tumori 2009; 95: 153-155
  • Guopei Luo, Chen Jin, Deliang Fu, Jiang Long, Feng Yang, and Quanxing Ni
    Primary pancreatic lymphoma
    Tumori 2009; 95: 156-159


  • Andrea Ballare, Maurizio Di Salvo, Gianfranco Loi, Gianmarco Ferrari, Debora Beldì, and Marco Krengli
    Conformal radiotherapy of clinically localized prostate cancer: analysis of rectal and urinary toxicity and correlation with dose-volume parameters
    Tumori 2009; 95: 160-168
  • Roberto Orecchia, Piero Fossati, and Sandro Rossi
    The national center for oncological hadron therapy: status of the project and future clinical use of the facility
    Tumori 2009; 95: 169-176
  • Giampiero Giovacchini, Maria Picchio, Stefano Schipani, Claudio Landoni, Luigi Gianolli, Valentino Bettinardi, Nadia Di Muzio, Maria Carla Gilardi, Ferruccio Fazio, and Cristina Messa
    Changes in glucose metabolism during and after radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer
    Tumori 2009; 95: 177-184
  • Xueguan Lu, Chaosu Hu, Qinghai Ji, Chunying Shen, and Yan Feng
    Squamous cell carcinoma metastatic to cervical lymph nodes from an unknown primary site: the impact of radiotherapy
    Tumori 2009; 95: 185-190
  • Ozge Petek Erpolat, Muge Akmansu, Fatih Goksel, Huseyin Bora, Emel Yaman, and Suleyman Büyükberber
    Outcome of newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients treated by radiotherapy plus concomitant and adjuvant temozolomide: a long-term analysis
    Tumori 2009; 95: 191-197
  • Elisabetta Garibaldi, Sara Bresciani, Claudia Airaldi, Rocco Panaia, Teresa Ferrara, Elena Delmastro, Barbara Baiotto, and Pietro Gabriele
    Radiotherapy after partial laryngectomy: an analysis of 36 cases and a proposal to optimize radiotherapy
    Tumori 2009; 95: 198-206


  • Hakan Karagol, Pinar Saip, Yesim Eralp, Samet Topuz, Sinan Berkman, Ridvan Ilhan, and Erkan Topuz
    Factors related to recurrence after pathological complete response to postoperative chemotherapy in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer
    Tumori 2009; 95: 207-211


  • Zumre Arican Alicikus, Ilknur Bilkay Gorken, Rachel Cooper Sen, Suleyman Kentli, Munir Kinay, Hilmi Alanyali, and Omer Harmancioglu
    tiPsychosexual and body image aspects of quality of life in turkish breast cancer patients: a comparison of breast conserving treatment and mastectomytolo
    Tumori 2009; 95: 212-217


  • Marco Danova, Silvia Chiroli, Giovanni Rosti, and Quan V Doan
    Cost-effectiveness of pegfilgrastim versus six days of filgrastim for preventing febrile neutropenia in breast cancer patients
    Tumori 2009; 95: 219-226


  • Filipe C Martins, Filipa Teixeira, Ines Reis, Nuno Geraldes, AM Silvério Cabrita, and Margarida F Dias
    Increased transglutaminase 2 and GLUT-1 expression in breast tumors not susceptible to chemoprevention with antioxidants
    Tumori 2009; 95: 227-232


  • Valentino Fiscon, Giuseppe Portale, Roberto Isoardi, Flavio Frigo, and Giovanni Migliorini
    Spontaneous rupture of giant gastric GIST presenting as hemoperitoneum and mimicking cavernous liver angioma
    Tumori 2009; 95: 233-235
  • Marzia Ciresa, Rolando Maria D-Angelillo, Sara Ramella, Francesco Cellini, Diego Gaudino, Gerardina Stimato, Michele Fiore, Carlo Greco, Raffaele Nudo, and Lucio Trodella
    Molecularly targeted therapy and radiotherapy in the management of localized gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) of the rectum: a case report
    Tumori 2009; 95: 236-239
  • Mehmet Sonmez, Mehmet Arslan, Umit Cobanoglu, Halil Kavgaci, Hasan Mucahit Ozbas, Fazil Aydin, Ercument Ovali, and Serdar Bedii Omay
    Association of gastrointestinal stromal tumor and acute myeloid leukemia preceded by myelodysplastic syndrome with refractory anemia
    Tumori 2009; 95: 240-242
  • Matteo Simonelli, Giuseppe Luigi Banna, and Armando Santoro
    Thymoma associated with myasthenia and autonomic anti-Hu paraneoplastic neuropathy
    Tumori 2009; 95: 243-247
  • Davide Pagani, Monica Bellinvia, Pasquale Capaccio, Biancamaria Scoppio, Lucia Brambilla, and Lorenzo Pignataro
    An unusual cause of a parotid mass in an immunocompetent host: classic Kaposi-s sarcoma
    Tumori 2009; 95: 248-250
  • Carla Strina, Marina Zannoni, Veronica Parolin, Gian Luigi Cetto, and Serena Zuliani
    Bone metastases from primary cardiac sarcoma: case report
    Tumori 2009; 95: 251-253
  • Onur Ismi, Yusuf Vayisoglu, Tuba Karabacak, and Murat Ünal
    Supraclavicular metastases from a sex cord stromal tumor of the ovary
    Tumori 2009; 95: 254-257
  • Ulrich M Rieger, Christina Schlecker, Gerhard Pierer, and Martin Haug
    Spontaneous regression of two giant basal cell carcinomas in a single patient after incomplete excision
    Tumori 2009; 95: 258-263
  • Michele Podetta, Gioacchino D-Ambrosio, Alberta Ferrari, Adele Sgarella, Barbara Dal Bello, Gian Silvio Fossati, Sandro Zonta, Enrico Silini, and Paolo Dionigi
    Low-grade fibromatosis-like spindle cell metaplastic carcinoma: a basal-like tumor with a favorable clinical outcome. Report of two cases
    Tumori 2009; 95: 264-267


  • Pierfrancesco Franco, Andrea Riccardo Filippi, and Umberto Ricardi
    In reply: Yulia Kundel
    If subclinical turns into suboptimal
    Tumori 2009; 95: 268
  • Anastasios Kanatas and David Mitchell
    In reply: Alejandro de la Torre, Jesus Romero, Angel Montero, M Isabel Garcia-Berrocal, Francisco J Valcarcel, Sofia Cordoba, and Rosa Magallon
    Radiochemotherapy with cisplatin and oral tegafur in advanced head and neck cancer: long-term results of a phase II study
    Tumori 2009; 95: 269-270
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